Our synthetic thatch roofing services

  • We are available to personally guide you through the choice of artificial thatch and palm products and accessories that best suit your individual purpose. In order for you to make a sound and informed decision, we will gladly draw up a detailed quote or cost analysis tailored to your very own building project.
  • We have contractors and dealers throughout Asia and we have installers who will travel anywhere to do installations.

Synthetic thatch makes wonders in our hands!

At Palmex International, we know synthetic thatch like the palm of our hand, for having contributed in many locations to the building of thatch roof projects of all kinds and sizes for over a decade. We scientifically develop and manufacture high quality artificial thatch and accessories, then we test them in state-of-the art laboratories.

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Our synthetic thatch distributors and their thatchers’ experience and expertise have transformed ordinary resorts, beach fronts, parks, zoos, swimming pool area, backyards and others into small or large dream-like landscapes, by adding the most distinctive atmosphere provided by roof thatching.

They have created enchanting thatched roof havens where both owners and customer can fully enjoy life, relax and rest, knowing that their thatch roof construction is as safe for them as it is for our environment.

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