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How it all started

Back in 1998, in French Polynesia, an idea was born from a simple question. Why not try to create synthetic palm leaves? With natural palm leaves being overharvested worldwide – and with their short shelf-life of 5 years at best – this seemed like the obvious solution…and the marketplace agreed.

Over five years in research and development ensued in an effort to create a unique product. Then in 2003, Palmex International Inc. was set up and open for business. That very same year, a first wave of sales came through from French Polynesia. Over the years, Palmex built a name for itself – known for product quality and durability – and is now a world leader in synthetic  thatch roofing.







Palmex Sustainability

Eager to share a vision for sustainable development, we offer an eco-friendly product range to fulfill today’s building and development demands without compromising the ability of future generations to fulfill their own. We are certified according to ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems certifications.

Palmex industrial-strength and highly resistant materials suit all climates: this durability is what makes our product’s lifespan estimated at 50 years or more. Our products have been designed to provide a permanent, long-term solution to the problematic issue of massive over-harvesting of natural resources throughout the planet for the purpose of building exotic roofing. We help minimize the negative effects that real-estate development can have on the natural environment.

Product waste in all our plants is diverted from final disposal and sent to be recycled in other plastic manufacturing processes. Our packaging is kept to an absolute minimum for shipping and is made of Palmex production waste. We have also undergone a third-party verification process with Vertima Inc. and Athena Sustainable Materials Institute where Palmex International Inc. products and our entire supply chain were assessed. We received the Validated Eco-Declaration® Certification summarizing verified environmental claims, as well as Vertima’s Environmental Data Sheet®

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